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If you're thinking about website design for your Marysville business or organization you have a couples options. The first option is extremely cheap, and that's a free click and build template from a poplar hosting company.

Here's Why Custom Web Design is the Best Choice for Business

Most of those sites that use click and build or pre-built templates don't have much depth to them, or content, and are going to have a hard time getting any traffic from Google if that's all that is done. So, it doesn't matter if it's a "pretty" template.

Click and Build Site Templates Are Typically a Waste of Time

In the end, those sites are a complete waste of time for the vast majority of people who want to be ranked high in Google organic search -- because that is how you can make a lot of money on the web; Google traffic is FREE, and it's highly targeted. Without free, ongoing traffic from Google you have to buy advertising, and that can be hundreds or thousands of dollars every month.

Don't Skimp on Website Design

It doesn't make sense to skimp on your website design and ignore Google search rankings when it is a proven way to make a lot of money from the web. I have clients who spend a lot less money on web development than they would have spent on advertising, and yet have a higher return. In other words, they make more money with web development (web design and SEO services) than if they had spent this money just on buying multiple forms of advertising.

Marysville Web Designs that Boost Business

At AvisoMedia.com, I (Ken Wilson, the owner) work personally with each of my clients to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your website design. At the same time, I am an expert coder and code clean, fast-loading websites that look great on all browsers including smartphones and tablets. That helps ensure that everyone who attempts to access your site can access it even on a slow connection.

Most Sites Load Slow -- Yours Can Load Fast (and Rank Higher in Google)

Most websites actually load slow due to bloated coding and excessive scripting as well as have un-compressed images that take longer time to load than compressed images. There are several small things that can be done behind the scenes to greatly speed up load time and yet a lot of sites simply lack it.

This can help your website in multiple ways, helping it perform better than much of the competition you are up against.

Marysville SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

On-Page SEO Included with Website Design

The services I perform for Marysville SEO are much cheaper than these same services would cost at most average, reputable SEO companies you'll find in major cities. My prices are often cheaper by thousands of dollars. In addition to that, unlike these companies that can take a few weeks on projects, I have a fast turn around time and can sometimes get entire sites completed and online in just 2 - 3 days.

Marysville Social Media Marketing

I can save you the time and hassle of creating multiple social media pages as well as ad content, photos, and links to the right places on your site to help your site get noticed and build "likes", "followers", etc. I can do this quickly as well, as I have done it for multiple websites over the years, and my fees are low, especially in comparison to the return you can get from it.

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