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Need help with your Snohomish, WA website? At Aviso Media, I have been designing and coding websites for several years, with dozens of clients from small and large companies alike. I focus on fast loading websites with clean HTML coding and do not use WordPress applications (due to how easy it is and how commonly WordPress is hacked by spam bots. If you have a WordPress site you may in fact already be hacked and possibly infected with malware for several months or longer even as you read this.

Common Hacks and Malware Can Wreck Your Online Business - Are Your Protected?

This malware can cause pop up ads for gambling sites and other unrelated topics to appear to your site's visitors and even hijack browsers and force visitors to leave your site and disable the back button - so they can't get back to your site.

Other dangers of common hacker bots is that they can steal and intercept leads that are filled out on quote forms; hackers then sell this data as a lead to other local or national companies -- possibly even your company. You might be buying leads that originated from your site!

I have helped websites with apparent hacks make their sites a lot more secure (that includes SSL installations and testing) and have even put sites behind a firewall, which can drastically reduce the hacker threat or even stop it all together. As a freelancer, I can potentially save you a lot of money vs what a major web security company will try to charge you.

Snohomish Web Design that Looks Great on Smartphones

With over 50% or more of your site's traffic likely coming from smartphones nowadays, you're going to want a web design for your Snohomish website that looks great on smartphones and loads fast. Kiss Metrics reports that for every second of delayed load time you will lose on average 7% of conversions your website would have typically generated. That means a loss in business for a slow loading website on smart phones.

Website Clients in Snohomish and Across the Puget Sound

Representing multiple industries and trades, I have designed websites for a variety of companies and have helped several rank high or at the top of Google search in their industries. I have learned a variety of sought after search terms and know how to produce content and or just format content to help your site be highly competitive in Google.

Snohomish SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This can influence your Snohomish SEO and just how much traffic your site can get through search engine optimization.

On-Page SEO Included with Website Design

From your meta tags, to your title tags, to your headlines, content and internal navigation, I can structure every page of your site to be a unique landing page for Google search. It's proven that the more landing pages your site has, the more cities you can target and the more leads you can generate from the free traffic provided by Google search rankings.

Freelance Snohomish Web Designer for Hire

If you're considering a freelance web designer for your Snohomish project, give me a call today and I can give you a quick free quote based on the number of webpages you want initially as well as a price on any professional graphics or logos you would like to include. My prices are a lot lower than major web design companies in Seattle and Bellevue, which means I can save you thousands of dollars. That's just in web design cost.

I can save you even more money in SEO for your Snohomish website vs larger Seattle-Bellevue SEO companies are likely to charge for their services.

Snohomish Social Media Marketing

From web design and SEO, the next step to include is your initial launch onto social media with a brand page or series of brand pages, which isn't much work at all and my rates for including this are extremely low. That is because I have done so many brand pages that I can do this extremely quickly typically. We can then use your social media pages to promote your brand locally and help you get shares, likes and or followers from the communities you want to attract business in.

Free Quote for Snohomish Web Design Services

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